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Fed up of the online or bar scene full of time wasters and people who don't respect you? Isn't it time you gave yourself something better and more solid?

Dont waste evenings, weeks, years drifting along alone chasing dreams, using websites and phone apps being lied to flitting from quick thrill to disappointment or let downs constantly, along with the great mass of single people. Surely you deserve better than that?

Make a stand and change your life for the better. Take a positive step forward out of this cycle and employ a professional for results you desire!

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." Henry Ford (1863-1947)

Value yourself, invest in this Guaranteed* opportunity to find the one you deserve.


Why use a MatchMaker?

How much would you pay for an exciting and permanent life enhancing opportunity??? MatchMaking is very inexpensive we say, it's much Less than all these things that people might routinely spend without question:

A weekend in the sun, 3 months of smoking, 3 big nights out on the town, annual car insurance, a set of new smart clothes, A new TV, 3 months of daily coffee and cake out etc etc


Surely anyone serious about making the move from single to partnered can afford £1.37 a day?

Think about it do you spend more on your car than on your own future happiness?


Before the consultation: get yourself looking at your best for a photo we will take during the the meeting, prepare your Identification and anything you wish to show us about your career or hobbies like photos, (optional) make some notes about the type of person you are seeking (and what you cannot accept too) .

Avoid the frustration of the dating apps and online sites

We're different and so are you. That's why you need our unique, personal solution to finding a mature, fulfilling relationship with a truly like-minded, compatible partner. We don't believe such an important event should be left to the lottery of either instant dating apps or the online services, where it's just a question of ticking boxes and often spending either hours or months emailing, before finally meeting the person of your dreams - who turns out to be a lying, dysfunctional, time-wasting nightmare! Whilst online dating works for some, there are far easier ways to find a loving partner with whom you can enjoy a happy and lasting relationship. So don't expect what you can find elsewhere hundreds of profiles to browse through, late night sexy chat and picture swapping and the small chance of a brief one off sweaty visit! Topmatch is the permanent alternative to that time wasting cycle. We are completely different and so are our members.

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